My cousin lives in an old farm house with two out buildings.  Whenever I visit I go treasure hunting with his youngest son.  He has a creative mind like me!

We found this old washboard that was rusted and a little warped.  After scrubbing the rust off with baking soda I re glued it and punched this house I drew to go in at the top.

I originally started with a sheep but changed my mind and went with the house instead.  What do you think?  I was going to stain it but decided to leave it as is.


Hippity Hop I Found A Location For My Shop!

Since November I have had a lot of distractions.  A mentally ill uncle who needs my care and a daughter who was pregnant and has since given birth to baby Rue!  I am now re-focusing all my attention back to my sewing room, lots of half finished projects and all the new ideas I have stuck in my brain.

The most exciting news is that I believe I have nailed down my trailer location halfway between East Aurora and Orchard Park, New York.  I am going to start with just Saturday and Sunday hours and work on a vendor night for the summer months.  The person who owns the store and land is quite excited as it will hopefully bring in some new business for him.  My friends have been helping with ideas and I think I may have my consignment ideas down pat.  Now I just need to do a whole lot of promoting and marketing within my artistic community.

Easter is right around the corner and having a new granddaughter, even if she will only be 2 and 1/2 months old requires an Easter basket.  So today I finished this and 4 others up for in my shop.  I think they are adorable.  A nice way to get back into the swing of things.

More later!


Doll Quilts

I spent two months taking care of family issues and having no time for creativity.  Now I’m back on track and working on making old things new.  This was a piece of a quilt that I salvaged at an estate sale.  It is the perfect size for a doll quilt.  I’m actually making these for stuffed animals that I’ve been making.  When I finish the kitty cat I will post.  The crib is from my aunt and uncles attic.  I believe it was hers when she was little, but I am not sure.  When it is all finished I will post some more pictures.

Tomorrow I meet with a friend of mine to talk business.  I am still looking into locations for my trailer.  These are some of the items that I plan on carrying once I’m open for business.  I am so excited!

Finishing projects

I started this in 2016 while assisting my father in law in Maine for a week.  The house no longer had television or internet so my evening entertainment was making this quilt.  When I came home it sort of got lost in the shuffle until I came to the realization that the fabric paintings incorporated into it had been done by a 3rd grader who was now in 6th grade! That is my motivation and once the binding is on I will put pictures of the front and back on this.  img_9443


I am starting off 2017 with lofty goals for my new business.  I’m using Leonne Dawson’s goal diary planner to help keep me on track.  I am going to need it with a granddaughter due the end of this month and an uncle that I am caring for.

What are your 2017 goals?image.jpg

Wool yarns that I use for Needle Punch

I really love needle punch.  When we were in Maine I started playing around with the different types of wool yarn that I have a lot of in my stash.  Shown here is crewel yarn, yarn from England (white band solid green color) and my own which is in balls.  I mixed them into my current project and really liked the different textures they and look they gave my design.  Biggest problem was adjusting the yarn height so it blended.  I still like mine best because it is variegated-ish and I love the dimension it adds to my pieces.

Many use cotton floss used most commonly in embroidery work.  I really like the way wool looks and feels.  I also think that wool will stand the test of time and hold its color and shape.